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New Documentary for the Bradetich Foundation 2010 Bass Competition June 28, 2010

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We are very proud to announce that filming has wrapped on our newest documentary featuring some of the world’s best double bass players.  We collected five days worth of footage including musicians arriving at the airport from half-way across the world, extensive interviews, backstage footage, full performances, and the final award ceremony for the feature.  Stay in touch to see the trailer and keep your eyes and ears out for mentions of the competition and the film on PBS and the BBC just to name a few!

Players went through a grueling week long process in the competition to ultimately shoot for the 1st prize of $10,000 and several featured concerts all over the world; the winner finds out that they currently have a featured show at Carnegie Hall in New York City!  Everyone we spoke with and filmed was absolutely amazing and we were honored to be such a big part of an amazing event.

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Really Awesome Royalty Free Music Site June 11, 2010

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Well, I just stumbled across one of the best Royalty Free music sites in the world and wanted you all to check it out for use in any projects you might have coming up.  Check out this link below to hear what they have going on.  I just found a perfect use for one of their tracks I am doing for some young college students and I know it will be perfect.  Check it out!

Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects Download the music and sound effects you need for your multimedia project today at Partners In Rhyme.


Final Cut 7 is the only way to go. March 20, 2010

Well, I was an Adobe Premiere fan for years and thought it was the best thing in the world when it was released for Apple computers; I was wrong!  After finally realizing how many literal hours I had wasted either waiting for timelines to render, trying to solve the nature of a software bug, or dealing with consumer-friendly setting options I came to the painful conclusion that it was time to teach myself how to work more efficiently in Final Cut Pro 7.

First of all, the most important difference I have seen so far is that Final Cut gives an advanced editor much more detailed options when setting up a session.  For example, choosing the codec method in the timeline and color space are even options from step one.  Furthermore, the program runs much more smoothly than its competitor, virtually eliminating the need to render 90% of the types of cuts I’m doing.  For example, the color correction filters (which seem to work in a much more precise manner than Premiere CS4) can be used on uncompressed 1920 x 1080 XDCAM EX footage shot at 35mbs without any need to render in order to view the results in real-time playback; this saves hours of editing time!  Actually, I had become painfully accustom  to editing first and color correcting last in Premiere to use time more efficiently.

Additionally, Final Cut 7 has the ability to work with up to nine separate camera views that are switchable in real-time!  Our recent Snarky Puppy DVD release was edited with Premiere CS4 and was a daily embarrassment for me as a had to explain to my client why the video was so sticky during multi-cam mode in Premiere.  Final Cut was able to handle the exact same footage in a real-time situation with no problems with motion in the playback.  However, I was worried when working in the “Four Up” (four angles at once in the viewer) when a slight rolling-shift from green to red could be seen while editing in multi-cam mode.  The problem was not sent to the final cut, no pun intended there, but was scary at first.  Oddly enough, when in two-up or 9-up viewing mode the problem went away.  Nonetheless, motion is incredibly important when deciding where to place exact cuts, so it wasn’t a big deal.

All in all, it was incredibly exhausting to waste an entire weekend and part of a week to relearn new short-cuts, basic functions (I couldn’t even figure out how to automate audio fades for a while!), and to simply get used to a new workflow (took me an hour or so to fully understand how to get XDCAM EX footage into FCP 7!), but I’ll never look back.  Programs that weren’t designed to work on Macs are much too unstable when you have people relying on you to create a film quickly and professionally.  Not only does my Apple Care extend into FCP 7, but my 17″ MacBook Pro is obviously much happier with this new direction as well.

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Snarky Puppy’s Live DVD is at the Presses! February 28, 2010

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I am very happy to announce that the full-length film about Snarky Puppy is out of our hands and on the way to be mass produced!  After many hours of hard work I forgot that what we were doing was going to be so amazing.  When I finally sat down to watch the first test disc I remembered why I love not only film-making, but why I love Snarky Puppy’s music so much…wow guys!  Check back soon to see a glimpse of the DVD on our website under the music category.   By the way, you can find it on our newly released website in the music category of our film section under, “Snarky Puppy – Whitecap“, it’s a killer track.



Full Length Music Documentary Almost Done! February 22, 2010

Well, our first full-length documentary on the wonderfully amazing band, “Snarky Puppy” is starting to wrap up; woo hoo!  The band recorded live at Dockside Studio in Maurice, LA in November of 2009 in front of 75 or so of their closest fans, friends, and crew.  We were happy to be along for the two days of tracking while the 17 piece band recorded some of the most amazing music in the world.  The release is coming out on Rope-a-Dope Records online and will be available through their website and various stores around the world.  We will make sure and post as soon as there is more information on the actual release scheduled in March of 2010.  Congrats guys!


Hello world! February 17, 2010

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We are happy to announce the new release of our updated website, “” along with our new blog!  Our company, “Mr. Magic Carpet Ride Productions” is an art-house level production company running in industry-standard 1080p high-definition video, vintage film creation, high resolution photography and film photography.  Check back for latest blurbs about specials we’re running or to hear random thoughts about the film industry.  We’ll also be featuring several examples of our films and photographs, so stay tuned.